The Firm

Design Philosophy

An architecturally designed home is tailored to meet the individual needs and wants of a specific client.
The end result is a home that is a collection of various ideas and concepts generated by a client that as a whole embodies the idea of "home." This idea of a perfect home is unique to every individual, so the final design should be uniquely different.

While the design approach of a big home builder may provide home buyers with some of the elements that they want in a home, they are typically forced to accept some things they don’t like because these homes are not designed in a client specific manner. In order to reach a truly client driven design, the design process should be a collaborative effort between the client and the architect. The many conversations that occur during this process influence the details and overall character of a home. An architect uses his vast experience in design and construction to interpret the individual needs of a client into a cohesive, well designed home that is structurally and architecturally sound.

A well designed home is a good investment. When you walk into an architecturally designed home, you experience a sense of balance. Throughout the design process, the elements of site, functionality, ease of flow, quality of materials, structure, architecture and cost are all weighed and given priority. The final design is an analysis of how each of these items affects the character and detailing of a home as it relates to the project budget. The end result is a project that is the best design for the budget, large or small.